Tuesday, August 23, 2011


monday night was fantastic!!!

chuck reunited me with daniel & josie and his wife dorothy

at the age of 14, i got a job working at josies mexican restaurant.
i LOVED daniel and josie. it was a wonderful experience and i learned a lot working for them.
i remember the day josie told me that they were closing the restaurant and moving. i cried and cried.

{me & dawn at work...age 15.}

25 years have gone by and one day chuck was in my front yard talking to my father in law. i think he was surprised to see me and even more so that we remembered each other after all this time. we exchanged email addresses and he connected me with josie.
i was beyond happy to see them.

there will always be those people in our lives that make such a large footprint on our heart and i am grateful for the opportunity to be in touch with them once again.

i love you daniel and josie!

...now, if i could only be reunited with that 15 year old figure...haha!

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So sweet! And Julie, Chelsea looks just like you. I never really notice until that picture. You are both BEAUTIFUL & I think you look amazing.

Love Lynnette

mom said...

That was great, oh those fabulous breakfast burritos, I've never found anyone that can make them like Josie could. Everyone loved you at the resturant, it was the perfect first job. What happened to Dawn?

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you again Julie. And to meet your beautiful kids was a real plus. You should be very proud of your family. May God bless you and your family. Daniel and I often thought of you and what a good worker you were. We were blessed to have you be a part of Josie's famous breakfast tacos.It was a wonderful visit and hoping not the last one. Say hello to everyone. Josie, P.S. "you crack me up!"