Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Eighteen} Months

our rosie posie is eighteen months!

and it's my favorite age...

i could have dressed her up, made her hair all pretty with bows, and got some great photos but i'm not going to {at least not today}... today i want to capture her just like she is. everyday.
mostly smiling, unless she's not getting what she wants and then she's yelling at me or biting nolan.
she's fiesty. really fiesty.

she's curious and smarter than the other kids at this age. she understands and insists.

she's independent

she's stinkin cute, even though she HATES anything in her hair.

she LOVES to pick all the flower buds off my plants and give them to me.
is a horrible eater.
is our only climber
loves her blankie
she loves to lay on our bed and watch tv
she loves the bath
and diet coke {it's a problem}
loves animals & dolls
takes off her diaper when she pees {that's a bigger problem}
and you can set your clock by her
she refuses to give kisses unless your lucky
she "shh's" everyone
her favorite thing to say is "help" and it's so cute
she's super loud and i'm pretty sure all the neighbors are tired of hearing her yell "mommm"

dad is her favorite. i LOVE it when he comes home. the minute she hears him you can hear her little feet running from wherever she is and when she gets close, she starts to giggle. melts our hearts everytime.

she's bubs favorite {for now} he loves her spunk.

and speaking of, i have a little story.

when i was pregnant with her, shawn had gone to the temple one night and when he came home he said, "we're going to have a girl and we should name her rosie". i objected and said if we had a girl, we would name her evyn rose.

now. shawn is always right, {even though it kills me to admit it} and i should have listened to him.

she is our rose. we all call her rose. gavin calls her rosie posie, but for the most part she's rose or rosie.

i always tell people that she is definetly our rose.
she is beautiful and sweet
with a thorny side...

and we LOVE her to pieces!

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quiltsbycheri said...

she's just beautiful....

Marie said...

What a beautiful post Julie, just like your little Rosie Posie. She sounds delightful! xxoo

mom/grandma said...

Love her to pieces that's right!She melts my heart.

Karen said...

What a sweet post about Rosie Posie. Sounds like she fills your house full of love and noise - gotta love that independence :).


DaNae said...

I think her & Xander are twins :)


she is so sweet & beautiful. Love her little personality

***megan*** said...

julie, this is such a sweet tribute to your darling girl. she is so beautiful and her inner beauty shines right through!

-megan disanza