Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chimneys are for Santa!

are you wondering why my living room is covered in sheets?

we are caring for 2 cats while their family finds a new home.
one of the cats got scared and ran into the fireplace and climbed up into the chimney yesterday!
oh my gosh, gavin and kelsey were laughing, the little kids were crying, there was talk of fireworks and pebbles, i may have freaked out a little bit...

we thought it was stuck in the flue. it was in there for almost 4 hours and i was getting very worried that i'd have to call a chimney sweep.
in my state of {panic} i mean worry, i failed to think of what was going to happen once the darn cat got out of the chimney. thankfully my smart friend told me to cover everything that was dear in my living room.

with some coaxing {a bowl of tuna} the darn cat finally came out.

and just as we thought, little black paw prints, everywhere!

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Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- I would have been freaking out! I wouldn't have thought to cover everything either -- smart girl!!!

Gari said...

OK, I got up not feeling well this morning but I started laughing (I's sorry) as soon as I started reading this post. We have outside cats and kittens and can just imagine if they were to come in the house and do the same thing. Thanks for sharing.