Tuesday, August 23, 2011

polka dots, candy canes and quilting

saturday was the first of the three little ben's quilt class.
my theme was polka dots and candy canes

i got lucky that michaels had some of their christmas merchandise out.
the glittery picks and polka dot ribbon made for a good cupcake topper.

just a tip. i always put my cupcakes on a cooling rack over the sink to decorate them.
this way ALL the sprinkles go into the sink instead of all over my counter.

i made candy canes out of red and white chenille stems twisted together and soaked in a coffee bath.
i laid them out on the lawn to dry. if it wasn't so sunny and hot i would have put them in a warm oven to dry.

i {heart} candy canes...

clustered in groups of 3, and tied up with ribbon and pine

it was simply christmasy.
i'll definetly be making more of these.

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Marilyn Robertson said...

I love the tip about decorating the cupcakes over the sink! I never thought about doing that before. Anything that makes cleaning up easier I like! The candy canes are adorable!