Monday, August 08, 2011

Quilt Answers...{edited...thx katie!}

thanks for your comments and emails.

these quilts above aren't really a "pattern".
the americana one is a combination of two different quilts (america for me & lady liberty) in jan patek's lady liberty book. i'm pretty sure you can find it on amazon. the weathervane quilt was made from a panel that is no longer available and is no where to be found. the pattern was made up by sheryl johnson of temecula quilt co. i fell in love with it while touring her home. she might still have the applique pattern available. you can email her.

this quilt is a pattern by Linda Brannock and Rita Briner called "those are not weeds" i found it here.

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katie said...

Those are not weeds, is a Rita Briner of Quilters Station and Linda Brannock pattern.
When you follow your link, that what it says.
Anyway cute pattern.