Saturday, August 06, 2011

Making Little Changes

this month marks 8 months in the new house and not a lot has gotten done.
with all the activities going on there hasn't been much time for much of anything.

recently i've acquired a few cute things that have made my spaces a lot nicer.

my friend margi made this crow for me. she sells them.
i LOVE it!!!

i got this shelf from another friend who is parting with some fabulous things

which include this pie safe/hutch that i LOVE LOVE LOVE!
it made the dining room masyn's favorite room!

so now i am working on picking out wall colors. ugh!
i can't decide what color to paint the laundry room...

remember my mess...
well i've removed the wallpaper and now i need to paint but i can't decide what color to paint it.
as you can see from the picture above this one, the laundry room wall is visible from all parts of the front of the house, therefore, it somewhat needs to "blend" with the rest of the house. the problem is, i really wanted to go with a "fresh laundry" look and thought a fun apple green wall would be fun but that's not going to blend. then i thought a buttercream yellow would be good but i think that's going to be boring, so i'm having a {ugh} moment...
any suggestions??? i could use some ideas for the entry as well. but that's going to be a while. it's completely covered in wallpaper! i want something warm. such dilemas.

so if you've made it this far, send me your suggestions, i would really appreciate them!

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farmersdotter said...

How about RED! I've been wanting to paint mine red, but I've been too chicken so far!

Shasta said...

What lovely things you have gotten. I like the color it is now - I saw a color called squash that sounded really nice. Do you have a wall that won't be seen - you can paint it apple green? Or maybe color it buttercream and paint an apple on it with the green.

ferne said...

I like the color in the dining room so maybe use that as your base and add a little drop of brown or green and then they will all blend.

Amy said...

what about a nice warm gold or a sage green - I have a red kitchen, which I absolutely love, love, love - just make sure if you paint your walls red that you have enough paint to do multiple (and I mean probably around 4) coats of paint - the first coat will probably look like some miserable pepto bismol color, but don't lose faith - if you paint enough coats (I can't remember now if it took me 3 or 4) it will look awesome!

mom said...

I love your crow, but then I love pretty much everything Margi does she's one special lady. Hopefully you can get some orders for her.

Thimbleanna said...

Eight months already? It hardly seems possible. Good luck with the wall colors. I'm having a terrible time choosing them in our house. I REALLY wanted blue in my kitchen but just couldn't make it work. And now the family room is driving my crazy. It's going to end up some sort of brown but I lose sleep thinking it could be an expensive mistake (the ceilings are too high for me so we have to hire painters -- what if I don't like it -- ack!) You'll choose something fabulous -- I know you will. I'd love to do something bold like the green you suggested, but the colors I love don't go with the rest of the house!

cyndi said...

Well my first thought was red. I love red. Yellow can be a lot of fun. I did my bedroom in yellow in my last home. I loved it! It was a bit brighter than buttercream and very cheery and inviting. I used reds and denim blues to accent. The nice thing with paint is it can be changed.

Good luck with your laundry room. It would be fun to pick you paint swatches with you!