Tuesday, March 02, 2010


my sweet little baby, you are so very loved!!!

{when we got to the hospital, we found out that the kids would not be allowed in to see me or the baby because of the h1n1 scare...i wanted to cry! it was really hard on the little princess and on me. bub, kenz and kelsey all said they were 15 so that they could come and bob was able to drive up near my window so that i could wave and blow kisses to nolan. i had told the nurses that i was staying as long as i could and come saturday night, i really wanted to go home. sunday came slowly and sissy came to visit and say goodbye around 9 am. it was hard not being able to spend time with her, but i was so happy that she and ryan drove here. {thanks ryan!}

we had several visitors, all dear friends and family! i realize looking at my pictures that i didn't get any of karen and craig, so they are going to have to come over soon for a photo opp...they must be in this post! oh, and anthea & reed...darn it, where was my camera!!!

to my family and friends (both near & far)

i love you all and i am so thankful for your love and support. thanks for helping with my family, my home {the dog!} and thanks a ton for the wonderful meals, thoughts and prayers and beautiful flowers! you all mean the world to us.}


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Anonymous said...

I just had a baby girl on January 29 and the same rule applied at our hospital. However because I suffer from postpartum depression they had to allow my children in. There is a clause in those rules that they have to do what is in the best interest of the mother. So, thankfully my 8 year old daughter, 6 year old son and 18 month old son were allowed to come visit. I live in Missouri and didn't realize that this rule was going on anywhere else. I know I have an aunt in Columbia that is a nurse and they don't have the rule.

I know it had to be hard but your little girl is gorgeous and I am hoping that everyone is adjusting well.

Gayle said...

Congrats Julie - She's just beautiful!

Laurel said...

God bless you all!! You have such a beautiful family.....enjoy these special days they are gone far too quickly!
Best Wishes to all,

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Big happy congrats. They did that to us when my daughter had her baby too. Sigh.

Miller Racing Family said...

I have just recently found out our hospital has the same policy concerning the flu and kiddos. One of the girls that is delivering around the same time says she might dress her kid up like ET and sneak them in the hospital.
Congrats again!

Cottage Cozy said...

She is just gorgeous, Julie. Congratulations to all!

Wendy K said...

Congratulations Julie,
So glad everything went well for you, you have a beautiful baby girl to add to your lovely family. Lots of love and hugs to you and yours.
Love Wendy x

Pokey said...

So happy for the family! Blessings, pokey