Thursday, March 18, 2010

Celebrating {TWO} Years!

the family got together last night for cake and ice cream
to celebrate a very happy birthday.

i need to be better at getting photos of all the guests! mom, suz and abu were all there, too!

the birthday boy was truly excited each time he opened his gifts. it's so cute when he gets so excited, puts his hands in the air and says "whoo hoo!" as he runs to his dad to have the gift removed from the "adult proof" wrappings!

{on a side of the motorcycles was even screwed into plastic, tied into the box for cryin' out loud!}

he recieved all his favorite things...
dirt bikes, footballs, more dirtbikes, legos, a scooter, and a big 'ol tonka truck! {dear doug & shawn, it's metal and it hurts when it drops on your foot!}

the funniest part of the night was when i asked the birthday boy to go to each person and say thank you and give them a hug and a problem until he got to brandon who didn't want any part of the kiss {it has to be on the lips!} he dodged the {mouth} kiss twice and the on the third attempt, nolan took his face in his hand and planted one right on the lips! what a crack up!!! next time brandon, close your eyes and just let him kiss ya!

as the sun went down and the nasty mosquitos came out we all called it a night...

it's nice to have family so close. it was nice that nana bought oma & opa and it made me wish that my grandparents lived close enough that someone could bring them...i need to get the kids over to see them.

wish you were here puter!

happy birthday nolan
my happiest big boy!!!

love mommy

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Marie said... sounds like such a lovely celebration. I wish my family lived closer. Loved the photos! xxoo