Monday, October 05, 2009

My Favorite

apples EVER are in season.i debated wether this was blog worthy or not and then i said to myself..."self, if one person has yet to try these fabulous honey crisp apples then you have done your good deed for the day."
so, with the help of google images, i found a picture and decided to share this wonderful treat with you. if your a baker of appley treats, these are a must (so i'm told...i'm not a fan of cooked fruit, so therefore, i myself have not baked with them) my family prefers them in their natural goodness. sliced and devoured. sissy likes them dipped in p'nut butter (chunky is her preference). my favorite is caramel apples like these that i made last year.

happy fall y'all!


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Honey Crisp are our FAVORITE! ;o)

Annelies Dease said...

......and you found them WHERE???? New variety to me, but your blog was making me hungry!!! XXX Annie

Anonymous said...

I agree - honeycrisp are the best! DH & I each had one for dessert tonight...and our own apple tree provided a nice little crop for the first time this season.
Love your blog design - sweet & crisp, just like those apples. Thanks for sharing!

Marie said...

Oh, we don't get those kinds of apples over here. We get other varities. I love apple season. Love the look of those caramel apples as well! Yummo!!

Jeanette said...

I hope we can get them up here! A good crisp apple is hard to find. :-)