Friday, October 09, 2009

Go #44!!!

the vipers have won all their games so far!

i don't have a clue about football so here's what i do know...
bub is the wide reciever, he has made several interceptions, one touchdown (that was announced over the intercom at school..."embarrassing!") and he discovered tuesday that he could knock people over as long as it was with his shoulder and not his hands (it's flag football).

with that in mind, he knocked a kid to the ground on thursday and consequently ticked off a samoan kid who took found revenge by using extreme force.

as bub put it, "i got WORKED!"

all was well, that ended well.
lesson learned...
don't tick off the samoan kid!

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chelsie said...

just so EVERYONE is pretty sure the ONLY reason these vipers have won all their games is because my brother is a flipping stud muffin!!! im super proud of him!
ps. tell that samoan kid to knock it off before queenie over here has to show him whats up. ;]

marcab77 said...

lesson learned -- don't tick anybody off, just play a fair and honest game. it doesn't matter if the kid is mexican, Indian, black or Chinese, just do your best.

kouklaville said...

hahaha, still want to sneek into a game and hold up huge banners saying "GO GAVIN" love that kid!!

Shawn said...

I think the lesson learned is keep your eye on the big samoan kid!