Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bub!!!

this weekend we celebrated bub's 14th birthday in the good 'ol desert with our good friends, the riddles.
although i failed to get pictures of the birthday candles that wouldn't stay lit thanks to the wind, or the spice cake that was lop-sided because bob didn't level the trailer, or the fabulous dinner i made...we had a great evening complete with pumpkin lights thanks to karen and a camp fire that i could have swore was going to consume the entire camp.

i won't get all mushy (bub would KILL me), but i will say that despite the typical teenage attitude that sometimes makes my blood boil, i've got one fine 14 year old son.

i am thankful for the help, love, kindness, and strength you show and the blessings you bring to your family through your hard work and devotion. you are AWESOME!!! hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend and i look forward to many, many more. (with the riddles!)

love, mom

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Marie said...

Happy Birthday Bub!

All is Forgiven in the Morning said...

What a good boy you have!

Katherine said...

You do have a great 14 year old. Sounds like it was a great birthday for him.