Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Making of a Scarecrow!

for years i've wanted to make a scarecrow like my cousin jeni's
everything she does is so well done and cute.
this year i decided i would do it.

you, too, can make a scarecrow!
start with a 6 foot stake, a 3 1/2 foot stake and a carvable pumpkin
put them together like this.
you want to screw the smaller stake to the larger one just below the base of the pumkpin.

then the clothes! i found some at our local goodwill...
use raffia to tie the bottom of the shirt and the pants.
stuff the shirt, arms and legs with a ton of newspaper
and then use a small hay bail from michaels to fill in the neck, arms, and pocket.

you can attach a crow with wire to his arm, add a straw hat and a face

and your scarecrow is complete.
now all i need to do is plant some fall flowers, add some pumpkins and accessories and my fall display will be done.


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Meghan Hein said...

LOVE IT...thanks for the Tutorial. Yours is so cute. I will send a pic when we make ours!!! XXX Meghan

mom said...

You've inspired me.... once again! Love it, gotta to make one.
love mom

Katherine said...

He looks great! Love the crow on the shoulder. The kids love the crow on the shoulder of Jeni's scarecrow. Thanks for the tutorial. :) My kids would love it if I was as fun as you. :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a great scarecrow, Julie. And pretty easy too!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

chelsie said...

shut up!!! dang and I thought I was creative for making a witch tree, which I need to get you pictures of because we did a stinkin good job! love you!

Suz said...

very cute. I may need to try it next year