Thursday, October 08, 2009

I'm Sorry Honey

but i think your gettin' too old

to ride these!!!

besides, your way too important to us to have something really bad happen to you.

so i'm putting my foot down {did you hear that}.
i have a man coming tomorrow to buy the bikes...
it's for the best honey. after your accident the other day and the trip to the er and the terrible bruising that makes me want to barf when see it, i had to make an executive desicion.

hope you understand, love you!!!

p.s. just kidding!!!

but seriously honey, could you take it easy, i'd like to keep you around for a little bit longer!!!

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Shawn said...

Didn't have me going for one second. I always take it easy. Its just that when your number comes up, you gotta take grin and take it. I'm suprised you didn't crop the picture you took and post it. Love you.

P.S. The registration for the bike is in my name. Just to make sure its there when I get home! :)

kouklaville said...

Shawn you BROKE YOUR BUTT!! I TOLD YOU Julie would blog your broken butt! hahaha and I agree with her..those bikes would be GONE by now.. what can you do for work in a BUTT cast?:)

Marie said...

Oh gosh . . . sounds nasty! A broken butt eh? Seriously I wouldn't like it if my men folk had one of those at all, let alone more than one!! xxoo

mom said...

It was worth a try, but you knew he wasn't going to let you sell the bikes.

Mackenzie said...

My jaw dropped, I thought you were serious... until i saw the just kidding part. you had me fooled.

Katherine said...

As I was reading I was thinking "No way. That could never happen." You definitely had my attention. Hope the broken bum heals soon. hehe

Cassie Anne said...

HA HA HA!!!!

chelsie said...

ummmmmmmmm i ALMOST killed you!! i thought you were for reals...although i do agree dad's getting too old ;]

Millie said...

My DH did motocross after 40 and my son too,but he started at 9 and not 40. I am so gald they stopped racing...because DH always ended up with a broken bone. Enjoy the time with the boys and the blue yam. bikes!