Friday, June 19, 2009

To My Son,

i found this while i was cleaning up today and i thought i'd post it here so that when i get around to making a book from some of these posts, this will not be forgotten...

last year one of your teachers, asked me to describe you in a thousand words or less.
this is what i wrote.

"When 'bub' turned two, he decided to ride his bike without training wheels. His dad took them off and that day he learned to ride a two wheeler. When he was 4 years old, he decided he wanted a motorcycle. He was told that he had to earn half of the money and by his 5th birthday he had and he got his first motorcycle. At the age of 11, he continues to be driven by the desire to achieve. His achievements vary and are often self-fulfilled. He is competitive and stubborn. When he wants something, very little will stop him from getting it. At times his relentlessness is more than a parent can bear. As an adult, it will bring him great success.

He is also very sensitive. He wants to please. He will work very hard if he is verbally praised and appreciated. He takes pride in his effort to do well. At the same time, if he feels like you don't care, he won't either. He is crushed if scolded and will shut down. The best way to get him to do what you want is to take him aside, rather than embarrassing him in front of others. The bottom line is, he wants to see you smile and he wants to know you like him.

He is a leader. He doesn't care too much about trends and the like. If others don't like what he likes, he thinks they are strange. He doesn't try to fit in, he feels that he already does.
He is very smart. He is always thinking. He needs to be challenged. The challenge may frustrate him, that's good, he'll figure it out.

He is exceptional. To sum him up, he is bright, honest, (at times) self righteous, fun, energetic, driven, sensitive, self motivated, fearless, stubborn and caring. He has a kind heart and a sweet spirit and he will do whatever he puts his mind to.

Enjoy him in your class!
Love, Julie Isa"

and as i read this, two things come to my mind. first the teacher who ask for this, turned out to be an incredible teacher with a gift for making science everyone's favorite. the other thing is that you were then and still are an awesome kid. plain and simple.
i love you!

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Jeannette said...

What a lovely post

mom said...

Oh that was so beautiful.

kouklaville said...

Julie, I LITERALLY could not agree more with every SINGLE word that you wrote to describe Gavin. He is and continues to be one of my favorite "kids" yet that word seems to belittle the person I have gotten to know and grown to love.
Gavin, just know that you have made a huge impression on me and if my own son grew up to be like you I could not ask for a better son. YOU are a joy to be around, easy to talk to and SUCH a wonderful help to our family. I am soo thankful that you live across the street from us..between you and your dad, you guys always save the day!
Much love,

Miller Racing Family said...

This was such a great post. What an awesome teacher to assign this to the parents. It is a great way for the teacher to get to know the child and what a great way to get the parents to stop and thinking about how they would describe their children. I am totally going to tell this to Donnie so that he can pass it along to his teachers.
I also find myself posting about things so that when I make my blog book it will be in there.
I hope that you have a great weekend!

Marie said...

Beautiful post Julie. Beautiful.

Katherine said...

I love that the teacher had you write that---not typical for most teachers. So beautifully put.

dotti white said...

These are memories to be treasured! Thanks for reminding us!

Alex said...

Julie.. you made me tear up.. What a great opportunity to write about your son.. Sounds like that teacher is worth her weight in gold..
What a great post/letter. thank you so much for sharing..