Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quilter's Day Book

A Quilter's Day Book

for today, Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Outside my sewing room's quiet. i LOVE quiet! the baby is sleeping, the kids are at auntie's and the dogs are lying in the sun.
ahhh, quiet summer days, i'll enjoy it while i can.

I am thinking...about a project i am going to start on my blog. it will be a fun way to preserve family history and traditions. my goal is to one day publish the posts into a book for my kids. i need to figure out mr. linky before i do it so i think i'll start it on tuesday. hope you'll stop by to join me.

I am thankful...i am able to to what i love to do and get paid for it. it allows me to stay home with my children. thank you, susan for putting me on this path, i love and appreciate you!

On the another graduation gift (congratulations, tess!)

I am working on...the baby pinwheel quilt. after the last few weeks, the sewing machine needs a break.

One of my favorite this quilt magazine. i eagerly await every shop hop publication! i am so very excited because one of my FAVORITE quilt shops, temecula quilt co., is going to featured in the next issue! yeah! i can't wait!!! congratulations sherry!

I thought I'd share...this book. it's no secret that i LOVE all things americana and this book has the most wonderful projects!
just take a look!

and i'm bummed because i can't find my 4th of july bin and it has this cute americana pillow that my mom made me years ago! ugh!

A tip from the sewing room...don't ok, so last weeks tip was really a joke. one project at a time, sounds like a great idea, but really it's so difficult to do. today's tip is serious. when you are putting on your quilt borders, take the time to measure through the center of your quilt and cut the borders that length. it makes a HUGE difference, especially to your quilter.

One last note...i love this kitten! what a curious little thing!

i hope you have a great day!!!

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Thimbleanna said...

A great quilter' daybook this week! Little kitty is growing fast -- he's a cutie. Watch out for the toilet paper. ;-) The graduation quilt on your longarm is adorable. And this new project sounds very interesting -- I'm anxious to hear what it is!

Betty aka Fudgie said...

What Julie is saying: Measure through the center of your quilt by laying the borders on top of your quilt top through the center, smooth with your hands towards each end, pin the borders if it is a large quilt and trim the leftovers of the borders with ruler and rotary cutter. Now find the centers of the top and the borders, pin and ease if necessary! Press and then do the same for the other borders! This has been brought to you by "Fudgie." Someone who sometimes has to add her two cents...heee heee...Love you!

Alex said...

Julie, there is a company that will turn your blog into a hard cover book. I will get the name to you tonight.. Can't wait for class.. I always look forward to sitting in my corner and hearing the life stories of our class.

kouklaville said...

wonderful blog, LOVE getting to know you thru it!!
P.s That pic of Gavin in the other is absoultely BEAUTIFUL!!

dotti white said...

I love your quilter's day book. It always makes me take a deep breath and just think! Thank you!

Sherri said...

I love your Quilter's Day Book posts...I'm always saying that...but I love each one!