Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Third times the CHARM

trina had this recipe on her blog and sharyn raved about them so i had to give them a try.

the first couple times they were good. the kids LOVED them, but they weren't as sharyn had raved. i was bummed because i had brought them to the birthday party and i know they weren't living up to their potential, so i tried yet again...

this time i googled it and found the recipe here at allrecipes (love that site!). i read the reviews and tips and tried yet again.

can i just say DELICIOUS!!!
the key is really to undercook the cupcake a tad. if you think they are perfect, they are probably too done.
if you want to wow the kids (and adults) give it a try.


Mom said...

I hope you saved one for me I'm on my way.

Miller Racing Family said...

We are huge fans of cupcakes. So after Lila gets here and I can eat the fun food again, I am so going to make these. Have a great day!

Katherine said...

I love when you put recipes on the blog. Thanks!