Friday, April 30, 2010

A Recipe Book

that is WAAYYY too CuTe!!!

my sister pointed me in the direction of a fabulous, new to me, blog and i just had to share this recipe book.
click here to visit michelle at mish mash and see her cute recipe book. she even has a recipe that sounds delicious, although given the fact that i've been baking cupcakes, cookies and banana chocolate chip bread, i don't think i'll be trying it anytime soon. i need to give my waistline a break! i will however bookmark it and maybe i'll even make myself a cute recipe book like this one... my spare time.
a girl can dream right!!!

{hmmm, i just had a thought...}
what a great gift it would make. birthday is in november. that gives you plenty of time!
i promise to not even ask what happened to all my recipes during the move ;)

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Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for the link Julie -- she has some really cute ideas!

Kelly O. said...

I'm a very messy cook--I'd have that thing spattered and stained in 2 seconds but I do think it's beautiful--maybe someday :)

Mackenzie said...
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