Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy birthday {dear} friend!

this is one of the NICEST people who will ever have the pleasure of meeting.
and if you do ever have the chance to meet her, count it as one of your many blessings!!!
years ago i was fortunate enough to learn a new {hobby}...quilting and in doing so, i met susan.
she has since changed my life. she not only got me started with my own quilting business but she played a HUGE part in me joining the church. both of which, have brought me so much joy. i'm grateful for her example, her talents and the love she gives so freely.
susan, i adore you!
happy birthday!

p.s. isn't this little cupcake quilt adorable! one her talented students made it! so cute!!!

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Gayle said...

I too, have met some of my very best friends because of quilting. Isn't it awesome?

Katherine said...

I've heard so many nice things about her. Happy Birthday Susan!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, I love the cupcake quilt. I hope your sweet friend has a wonderful birthday!

Marie said...

Eternal friends are the best kind and when you share the love of a hobby together, well that's just the greatest! Love the cupcake quilt! How sweet! (no pun intended!)

patrick_tanner said...

How fun to see Susan, I miss all my wonderful quilting friends in SoCal!