Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What'cha Doin' Wednesday

with memorial weekend right around the corner,
it's a good time to pull out the red, white & blue!

last year i finally got this quilt finished.
it had been in my 'to-do pile' for 8 long years.

and this quilt is a scrappy flag quilt that i love.
the flags are actually a small version of the flags in the above quilt.

i'll finish decorating when i get this quilt done...

it's patti's and it's the biggest quilt i've ever quilted! holy cow, it took up the entire length of my leaders!!!

hmmm, on second thought, i think i'll decorate alitlle after each pass...

hope you had a great day!

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Jeanette said...

Love your flag quilts! I wish I could decorate for 4th of July. Canada Day isn't as much fun to decorate for. :-)

Kristine Hanson said...

I have a flag quilt that I started YEARS ago and finally finished last can never go wrong with red, white and blue!

Trina said...

I LOVE your flag quilts! Do you have a pattern for the 2nd one? I really want to make one this year to decorate for 4th of July. It'll be my first wall hanging :-)