Monday, May 18, 2009

Questions & Answers Take One...

can i tell you all how i love getting to know you?
i absolutely do!

i have had a few questions in the past week that i thought i'd answer.

the first and most recent question/comment has been from today's post.
yes. i really did fall out of bob's car. it was a 1971 land cruiser actually, and it didn't have any doors or top. we were on melrose drive in what was then our little town. (sorry, not melrose ave in hollyweird). i should probably pause here and say "hi mom". she's probably shaking her head right about now. "mom, 'bob' wants me to tell you that you know his better judement and it is because of my goofy footwork that i fell"
ok, now with that said, i'll continue...
it was probably about 10:30 at night and we were with some friends. (we were in high school).
i thought it would be fun (i guess???) to stand on the running board as he rolled along, at a blurring 15 mph pace, down the street. here's where he had a slight moment of poor judgement...he jerked the steering wheel, hurling me to the pavement!
if it were not for our friends, he would have not known that his sure-footed girlfriend was now lying in the street. laughing hysterically, he turned around and let me back in the jeep with nothing more than bruised pride.
(see mom, it was all ok...)

the second question i've recieved is how many animals do i have???
really i don't have many. it's just that we recently put, katie, our 16 year old italian greyhound down and remington is getting old (he's 10 this year). with katie gone, i was looking forward to just having remington around. he's a good dog and i never have to worry about him taking off. i enjoy being able to leave the front door open or the gate to the back yard open while we all come and go. now with a kitten and a puppy we are back to square one for a while...the bird is another story. he's actually very cute and LOVES to sit on my shoulder while i quilt...

some odds & ends...
bob is not my husband's real's his "blog" name. the little princess says he's bob the builder because he can build anything.

sissy is not my sister, she's our oldest daughter. the kids call her sissy. if you saw our family picture, you might be saying hmmm? yes, i had her when i was young and by the grace of God, we all turned out great.

yep, i LOVE ac dc. bub's friends are always surprised by that as well :)

Really, thanks for all the comments! It's a ton of fun.

if you have any more questions, just ask and we'll do a take two...

have an awesome week!!!

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Marie said...

Loved learning these new things about you Julie! I used to have a pet bird, but he died. Now I just enjoy the birds in our garden.

Kelly O. said...

If I weren't married I would seriously be the cat lady!
Good luck with a puppy and a kitten at the same time :)

Mom said...

Well My Dear Daughter; It's amazing what truths come ,later on in life. I can just see Bob jerking the wheel to dump you. It has been wonderful watching that friendship develop into such a beautiful love over the years.
Love Mom

Katherine said...

So fun to read. The picture of all the pets is so cute---especially Remington---he kills me.

aunt suz said...

Brent says all you need it some Turtles to add to your animal list. Too funny. Love to read all your stuff.

Miller Racing Family said...

Thanks for answering the questions, I enjoyed getting to know more about you and your special family. Have a great Tuesday!

simple country living! said...

Aloha Julie~
So fun getting to know you & your family a little! Once again, THANK YOU for my win & I, too, wish you could have delivered it in person to enjoy our tropical paradise!
Enjoy your new additions to the family there!

simple country living! said...

OH! I emailed you my address already!

sissy said...

my bozo is so darn cute!!! i love him. so you admitted it. he is so stinkin cute and who would sing sweet little songs in your ear while you quilt if he wasnt there? hands down we cant get rid of him. he fits perfectly. without his pretty colors the collage just wouldnt look the same :]