Saturday, October 30, 2010

{this was the email i recieved today!}
dear mother,

As the holidays quickly descend upon us, I thought I would take the courtesy of making your life a little easier. Here are some items I have found to be most delightful that I would love to aquire.

Wish List:

Roxy Drizzle rain boots. Size 7.5 in the Grey/Multi Animal Print Color (see Kern for details.)Season 8 of 24 (if you can stumble acrossed seasons 3,4,5,or 6 that would be radical as well)
cute jewelery
brown ugg boots. (chocolate brown)
a grown up persons vacuum (not my $15 Walmart special)
This is all I can ponder at the current moment. thank you and have a great day.


your most favoritest daughter in the whole wide world.

{i got a big kick out of this today! chelsie always has a way of making me laugh. i needed a laugh today. i'll get right on that grown up persons vacuum!


Marie said...

aww... sweet! And very grown up too!xxoo

Lori said...

**Too** funny!!

Aunt Suz said...

Chelsie you crack me up. I think you need lady bug rain boots and I will get right on it.