Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

do you remember this quilt?
you can find the pattern and many others, here.
last year i hosted a strip swap and gave everyone a timeline to get this done.
some completed the hundreds of nine patch blocks, many did not. (i'm one of those who didn't. *sigh*)

but. look at what these gals did!!!
susan's class had their own swap and i want to share a couple different versions with you.

mary used barri's santa and reindeer from a tree skirt pattern to adorn the quilt
and also added wool presents to the bottom.

susan added presents from cheri's all wrapped up pattern.
p.s. did you know that cheri and barri are sisters???
yep. they are. love them both!

and speaking of love,
we love these pumpkin bars!

i'll be back to give you the recipe. they are super good!

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Kathie said...

anything pumpkin I am right there! can't wait for this recipe
OH I remember this quilt and I loved it last year and love it this year, maybe we need to challenge each other to make it this year????

Lori said...

What a fantastic quilt and perfect for a block swap!