Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gavin's Birthday Trip

every year we begin the desert season by going out on gavin's birthday. it was evyn's first trip, as well as, remington's first trip ever {he's eleven}. chelsie and heidi came down from utah and chelsie brought her pooch, wilson {who is now residing with us}. the rest of the gang included auntie, uncle brent, kenz, brandon and our good friends, the riddles.

shawn hurt his finger, his shoulder hurt while trying to keep it up so he held it up with a tie down {so very shawn}, nolan flew a kite with the help of a soda can, i stitched, nolan and david fixed bikes, the kids discovered that they could ALL fit in the golf cart, gavin, joe & david took the bumpety bump to wheelie status, mud was abound, the pooches were pooped

and the girls played in the mud!

and guess who got to clean up the mess...

yep, you guessed it, suz and i!!!
but they had fun, good memories were made and that's what it's all about!

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Marie said...

What a fab day Julie. I am sure lots of beautiful memories were built! Loved the pictures! xxoo

Aunt Suz said...

well the laundry is clean but the trailer is so dirty that you can not put the laundry away. As for the muddy clothes they hit the trash. Fun times and great memories

Mackenzie said...

HOLY MUD!! I just went to "like this post" and realized this isn't facebook! haha addicted much? :) LOVE IT!!!!