Monday, August 02, 2010


we took the kids fishing at the duck pond for family home evening.
when we got there the only thing biting were the darn mosquitos. the kids were pretty patient about waiting, which surprised me. even more surprising was the fact that nolan stayed sitting as he was told. they fish on a bank that is on a pretty good slope and i'm always afraid someone is going to slip and fall in.
but between shawn and gavin, someone is always keep an eye on them.
masyn was the first to catch a fish.
i think, in all, she caught 5 or 6.
nolan, surprisingly, sat still and patiently waited for the fish to bite.
then gavin caught one.
we always catch & release...always.

and nolan cheered everytime someone caught one.
and soon enough, nolan had one hooked.

but he had absolutely NO intention of touching that fish!

shawn was finally able to convince him, after the 4th fish, to hold the line so he could get a picture. by this time, evyn had woken up and she and i took cover in the car away from the nasty mosquitos. shawn is VERY proud of the picture he took with his phone.
{he LOVES his phone. seriously. it's a problem}

{oh my gosh. i just noticed that nolan's shoes are on the wrong feet. he's normally pretty good about that. how funny!}'s a few of my favorite photos from tonight.

happy fishing!

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Marie said...

What lovely photos Julie. How wonderful that you are able to do these types of things on FHE with your family. I am with Nolan, I'd have been afraid to touch the fish too! xxoo

mom said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing and as always Nolan made my morning with his shoes on the wrong feet he is so cute.

kouklaville said...

great photos! It looks like you were catching overgrown gold fish tho! haha..couldnt imagine eating them! glad you are releasing!!

Kristie said...

Beautiful photography. You have many talents!