Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Bundt Cake

is the new cup cake...
when a friend asked me to help with a wedding reception, i immediately thought of a picture i had found of a bundt cake stand that was very similar to this one. my talented hubby was happy to make it for us. thanks honey!!!

my sister found a picture of a cake pedestal with the ribbon trim and it was the perfect addition to the tiers.

i found the ribbon and paper for the flags at michaels.

sharyn bought 2 of the cakes at nothing bundt cakes in poway, and the other 3 were made by rebecca and i. rebecca made the beautiful raspberry heart cake and it looked delicious!

the stand and the cakes were a hit.

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Marie said...

What a fabulous idea Julie!! I am going to have to keep this in mind for future reference!! xxoo

Shasta said...

Wow, this is an excellent idea.

Trina said...

It looked awesome and tasted amazing!! Great idea as usual! I especially loved your lemon poppy seed! That's one of my all time favorites and it did not disappoint!!

Cake Seduction, LLC said...

This is such a cute idea for my pound cakes. I'm glad I came across this blog!