Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you have an Uncle Mike?

i'm pretty sure that every family has an uncle mike. the obnoxious, male chauvinist, just plain ol' rude guy that you just love to hate.
if not...count your blessings. {i think}. because as much of a pain as he is there is a part of him that i absolutely adore. like when he holds my baby. he LOVES babies. all babies but he really loves my quiet, easy going babies. and my babies have all loved him. i love how the minute he takes hold of a child, he becomes human. i tease him about it.

so as much as he irritates us immeasurably, i love that he loves my baby and that my baby loves him!

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Marie said...

Thanks for showing us that everyone has a softer side, and for showing us that adorable baby of yours! I have an Uncle I just adore. Uncle Harold. He has always been my favourite Uncle. I love him dearly. xxoo

Rachel said...

we have 3 uncle mikes...1 is a piano tuner who is overly generous and tells horrible stories, 1 is a well known bluegrass musician, and 1 is so obsessed with football that he has 3 t.v.s in his living room. As for the male chauvinists i've got plenty of uncle ricks, johns, clems, and jimmys for those!