Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wednesdays (edited)

will no longer be the same.
ever, ever again!
for the past TEN years doug & keoni have spent nearly every wednesday afternoon at our house. we've enjoyed many dinners out, lots of candy, cherry slurpees that made masyn hyper, guy time, computer time, furniture moving, homework, laughs, outdoor fun and the many changes throughout the years. but alas the time has come for keoni to graduate high school and move on to college.
my kids have all grown close to uncle doug and kiki and we will miss our wednesday visits. i feel bad that nolan and evyn won't have what the others experienced, so i made doug sign an agreement that he would come visit at least twice a month.
to doug and kiki...
we love you a ton and we are going to miss your visits. most of all gavin is going to miss dinner.

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Needled Mom said...

I hope they live up to their promise - or should I say "your" promise???? I know things change, but it is always so tough.