Friday, June 04, 2010

{Three} Months

(i'm a tad late on posting this...)

at three months...
gone is the ever constant inquisitive look and in it's place is a happy smile.
grandma says (and we all agree) that you talk more than the others.
your bub's favorite (don't tell anyone).
you sleep from 10 - 1 every day, thank you!
your an easy going baby.
your not too fond of the car seat, but it's not as bad as nolan.
when you laugh, you get the hiccups. always.
you are the love of our lives.
your still trying to suck your entire fist and i'm still trying to get you to take the binkie.
1:30 am is your midnight snack. just like the others.
your scooting and rolling and never in the same place i left you.
your in 3 months clothes.

we are enjoying every minute of your life!

love, mommy.
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Marie said...

Oh, it's never been three months already??? My goodness the time has just flown!!! What a pretty little baby she is. You have a beautiful family.

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Your little sweetie is adorable!! I love the great big smile with no teeth! Two of my grandchildren hiccup after laughing (sister and brother) We laugh and then we all laugh again when they start hiccuping! So cute~
I also love your quilt in the next post~it is s0 cheerful!

mom said...

I love her. She melts my heart. I can't believe she is 3 already.

kouklaville said...

I love it julie! I wish i could do that picasso thing..but my computer is a dinosaur in computer age and wont..I jUST LOVE how your photo collages come out!