Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Bye First Grade

and goodbye beaumont bears...
it was a sad day for masyn. she said goodbye not only to first grade but also to the friends and tachers that she loves. next year she'll be going to a different school because we will be moving this summer.
most of all she'll miss andy. her best friend and the sweetest boy. she befriended him, while helping him understand english this year. many tears were shed when she realized that he wouldn't be at school on the last day. she didn't get to say goodbye or have him sign her yearbook. oh it was so sad. mrs. garrett came through though and gave us his phone number. yeah mrs garrett!!! thank you from the bottom of this mother's heart!

there were a lot of up's and downs this year. the up's were the award ceremonies, family movie night, the jog-a-thon, great teachers and their helpers, good report cards that reflected her hard work and desire to learn all her sight words and a school carnival.
the downs...mean girls who can be so nasty, even at the young age of six and meaner boys who laughed at her when she would make mistakes. it was a rough beginning, but then andy came along and everything got better. she just needed a good friend...
don't we all!

on the last day if school, the kids and parents walked to the park and played, ate pizza and cake and had a great time. i even got to meet the infamous dr bob whom is loved so very much by my sweet daughter. i've heard the feeling is mutual. boy is he a nice man!
i don't do change real well and i shutter at the thought of moving the kids to new schools, but i know that life is in the Lord's hands and i am but a vessel. so we will venture into new territory with a smile and a kind heart and everything will be just as it should.
masyn, you have the kindest heart and the sweetest spirit. your friendship is the greatest gift you can give someone. you are loved so deeply by so many and i know you will make great friends at your new school. keep up the good work and keep reading & writing. your awesome!
love mommy...
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Marie said...

How very beautiful your children are Julie. How sweet Masyn is. I know moving will be difficult, but ahead are new adventures, new friends and wonderful new treasures to discover! There will be many I am sure! xxoo

mom said...

Sweet Maysn,
Andy is so lucky to have you as his Best Friend, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. You sure have mine and I love you so much. You have so many wonderful new adventures planned for you. God is just preparing you for your journey. Enjoy and never change who you are and the truths which you believe in.
We can all only aspire to be more like you!
I'm so proud of you and your Mom for setting a good example for you.
Love Grandma