Wednesday, June 16, 2010


gavin & kenzie!!!
we are so very proud of you both!

i don't want to make this a looonnng post but there are a couple things that are on my heart and mind that i want to share. i am so very happy that you two have gone through school together. it has made for great family togetherness and i am truly grateful for family.

kenzie and gavin, you two have grown so much!!! physically and mentally.

mackenzie. your dedication to all that means the most to you astounds me. continue to strive to do everything 110%, but remember to keep yourself balanced. hard work, dedication, fortitude, and kindness are a FEW of your strengths but you must balance that out so you don't run out of steam. you will be a success in all that you do, i have no doubt in my mind about that. but keep in mind that success doesn't neccessarily mean money and notariety. it means being happy with your own accomplishments and always being able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and smile knowing that you did your very best. it means finding happiness and joy in the things that fill your days and always looking for ways to better yourself. you mean so much to me and i am grateful for the example that you are to those around you, especially masyn. thank you. i LOVE you!!!

gavin, so many don't get the chance to see beyond the sarcasm. i'm so happy to be your mom and i'm grateful for the kind, hard working, and generous person that you are. you are so smart, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. make goals and stay focused on the goal. patience is a virtue. life is not like a night ride. it's like the baja 500. plan, prepare and stay on course, never waivering on the intended destination and always having a good pit crew. thank you for being an incredible son and brother. thank you for being so helpful and always doing whatever you can to make things easier. you are a blessing to me everyday and i am so grateful for you! i'm looking forward to high school and the fun you will have. and remember, i'm here for you, always!

mackenzie & gavin, moving on to high school is HUGE. it's over before you know it. don't let opportunities pass you by and make the most out of everything that comes your way. make friends, be a friend and be nice to those who aren't your friend. pay attention in your history class, one day your grandchildren will be reading about today. i look forward to the dances, and the parties and watching you grow. make good choices, follow the rules and don't be disrespectful.

i love you guys!
have a great summer!!!
mom & auntie

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Mackenzie said...

i ♥ you!

Thimbleanna said...

What a sweet post Julie! Congratulations to your little graduates!