Monday, January 04, 2010

On They're Way to Superstition

Over the Hills and Through the Mud,
to Superstition they Rode...


and finally...back to camp (and warm showers!!!)

i personally did not join the group on this eventful trip so i will tell it second hand from the words of bob and the many stories i've heard in the mean time...

my first question was WHY?!

me: "WHY did you go through the mud in the first place???"

bob: "you mean why did craig go through the mud? because it was there...he thought he could make it"

me: "so he was the first to get stuck?"

bob: "yeah, brent's bike got stuck because it was sitting there while we were all trying to get craig's bike out. it just sank"

me: "how long did it take to get the bikes out?"

bob: "a longgg time, over an hour. did you see that stick i was holding in one of the pictures? it disappeared in the mud."

me: "what else would you like to say?"

bob: "nothing, bottom line, if craig wouldn't have gotten stuck there would be nothin' to talk about. we did it. we overcame a challenge and continued to ride. it was fun"

some note worthy comments...

the girls quickly became unamused with the situation.

bub continued to wear the underwear you see in the pictures for another day!!! GROSS!
not only that, but did you see him bent over in the muddy river? he never showered when he got back to camp! i left dad in charge and obviously you can see how well that went! DISGUSTING!!!

"it is my belief that craig faked hurting his back so that others would help get his bike out of the mud" - bob

"the girls were useless, they were all wearing don't go on a ride wearing uggs!" - bob

"i don't want a new chest protector" - bob (apparently, he threw his off to stand on so that he wouldn't sink, but there's nothing wrong with it)

"bub, don't talk back to your father or he'll push you over when your feet are stuck in the mud!" - mom

"when your told to get wood, get logs not twigs!" - bob

i personally think i would have enjoyed watching. being 7 months pregnant, no one would have expected me to help and i could have sat back taking pictures and cracked up laughing!!!

days! happy times! great memories!!!
(if any of you who participated in this momentus trip would like to comment, please don't years from now, you'll all get a kick out of it!)

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Aunt Suz said...

I have to say It was one of the funniest rides I have been on. The tidle wave of water that rushed over us was by far the best and I could not stop laughing. Bob I would have never thought I would have gotten my ugs so dirty. I will be sure to wear normaly shoes from here on out I might even invest in mud boots and yes I did get logs despite my shoe choice. Craig thanks for the memorable desert trip.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was an intersting trip, to say the least.

Happy new year!

Gavin said...

My Dad's a jerk! I was half dead, sinking in quick sand and he was yelling at me to get wood. I would have been but like I said, I was sinking. Ask David, he was trying to get me out!

Craig said...

My thanks go out to all who helped to get my bike out of the mud. So glad that I could make this trip so memorable for everyone. I know I will never forget it. Whoever said "it is better to fail trying than to have never tried" is FULL OF IT! I am considering retiring from dirt bike riding and just stay back in camp and quilt. :)

Mackenzie said...

Wow that was such a fun ride! Bob I was not wearing uggs I had on converse as you can see they got extremely dirty! And I did help get wood too. I found a really big piece actually. I never would have thought I could have this much fun on a ride. Craig you made me have a memory I will never forget. I had a great new year's weekend with everyone and will enjoy this situation and keep laughing just like I did when it happened.

Miller Racing Family said...

Can you say boys will be boys! I totally understand the wild boys as my boys can't stay away from the dirt of the race track.
I totally forgot that you were expecting. How are you feeling? I guess I am just a few month behind you, as we are due in May. Do you know what you are having?
Have a fabulous Monday!

chelsie said...

excuseeeee me! we were not ALL wearing uggs only auntie. and jake was the lame-o getting twigs not us...if it werent for us completely useless girls there wouldnt have been anyone to hold up bikes, keep gear from sinking in the mud, or LEGIT THERE

Anonymous said...

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