Friday, January 15, 2010

{Happy} Tears

giving makes me happy...
i often wish i had a ton of money so that i could give to people freely and frequently.
we don't have a ton of money, but we do have talents that we are able to share.
bob mostly, he's the one with a ton of talent that is actually practical.
me, i can quilt and bake you cookies but he's the one that can make life easier for you.

he's also the one that finds the great deals, but not this time!
this time i found the great deal and i'm happy to say that i did good!

i happened to be on facebook and saw that a friend was trying to sell her husbands dirt bike. without boring you with the details, bub's current dirt bike needs about $500 in parts and he has been driving us crazy trying to figure out a way to come up with the money to fix his bike. we help, but we do expect the kids to do most of the work and come up with most of the money. they know that we don't have money trees in our back yard...

anyway, back to my part in this...

jodi was selling it for a great deal and i decided that i would offer to make payments and quilt her quilts for her. i didn't get my hopes up, she had several other offers, all cash up front. i was shocked when i got an email from her that said one of the offers fell through and the others were from a couple of guys that were going to clean it up and sell it for profit so she'd rather sell it to me and make bub happy. she accepted my offer!!!

i was so excited i almost cried!

today, bob and i took him to pick up the bike. he had no idea what was going on. when he saw the bike and i told him that it was his and explained to him that i bought it for him and told him how much i appreciated all the help he gives me when his dads away he started to tear up. he said, "i couldn't walk, breathe, or talk. i thought i was dreaming." he was truly the happiest i've ever seen him. it was awesome and he was so grateful.

i never thought that quilting would give me such an opportunity and i am so happy that it has! so is bub!!!

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Funky Kim said...

How wonderful!

Angela said...

That made *me* tear up! Thanks for sharing this moment with us! It is great how it all just work out perfectly for everyone.

Susan said...

Now that is a win-win situation. What a wonderful blessing.

Miller Racing Family said...

What a heart warming post. You guys are great parents.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Vals Quilting said...

what a great trade - love it!!

Alex said...

Love it! seriously, how is it that I was dreaming about your kid trying to sell hot dogs from a grill to earn money.. I love the bartering, I love that you used your talent and your friend didnt choose easy money over your wonderful offer. I love hearing stories like that. They renew my faith in the goodness of people. What a mom!