Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just call us Strippers!

have you seen this quilt pattern by farmhouse threads?
oh my gosh, it was love at first site. sheryl at temecula quilt co. had the original displayed over the holidays.
the entire quilt (except the border) is made up of nine patches, so when you look at the quilt it looks like you've pieced it with thousands and thousands of {one} inch squares.

truly something!

i thought it would be fun to do as a group, so 22 of us got together, cut up a gazillion 1 1/2" strips and exchanged them in a 'strip swap'.

the pattern is called 'oh christmas tree' so of course i had to break out the, recently put away, christmas goods and gather some goodies to decorate the table accordingly...

i got into trouble with mom when she realized and ratted me out to the rest of my friday night class that the only reason i put together such a display was because the 'bunny hill group' was coming and i {always} make their class into a party.

i will admit, although unintentional, i do make the once a month class festive and i fail to celebrate with my friday night class.
sorry ladies!

so i will do my best to do something special once a month in our friday night class so that the {12} of you know that you are equally special to me!

i also want to say, publicly, that i LOVE teaching quilting to ALL of you (that are in my class) and i will do my best to make quilt class a place you want to be.

love you all,

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Alex said...

Oh Julie! We do love class and you have made it festive and fun on a regular basis.. Please know that we appreciate all your work to make our gatherings fun..Quilting with our favortie group of ladies is the ultimate in fun..
Looking forward to many more memories and quilts..

Mom said...

Alex said it best, we love class and all that you do for us. It isn't necessary to do anything extra, you know I love to tease you any chance I can get.
Where else can we take a class and not have to buy the pattern or book of what were making, have wonderful instruction, a very loving and oh so patient teacher? Not to mention the wonderful goodies and fun Christmas party !
And yes Julie, I can see why you love your Saturday class too! It was great fun to meet them.
I love you, Mom

Jeanette said...

I saw that quilt on Temecula's blog and thought I'd NEVER sew all of those squares together! lol It would be fun to do with friends though. Is yours going to be done for this Christmas? ;-)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That tree is pretty darn incredible.