Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you YUDU?

monday was a great {craft} day.
the rain and the cold was the perfect backdrop for sewing and experimenting with the yudu.
bob's job was cancelled due to the weather so he decided to break out his christmas present {thanks sissy}.

have you ever played with the yudu?
if not, let me just say that you too can yudu and it makes for a great family home evening activity.
he (with some help from the kids) made t-shirts.

i think he's obsessed...i better hide my t-shirts!

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Alex said...

OH MY I so need to come over and make a shirt for Deanna's husband!! We have this inside joke and I want to print it on a shirt!

Marie said...

That looks like serious fun. Great job on the t's Bob! I love the sass one!

Aunt Suz said...

I love it. Can not wait to see all the shirts he comes up with. I will send some plan white tees his way.

Miller Racing Family said...

Sorry, for us slow ones you will need to do a post about yudu. Looks like fun, but I don't have a clue of what it is.
Have a great day!

chelsie said...

the yudu is pretty much thee coolest thing ever! its a personal silk screening machine made by the one and only Provo Craft!
So glad you guys had fun with it!! i have some more inks coming your way!