Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Preschool Graduation

today our little princess graduated from little bugs preschool.i can't believe she'll be starting kindergarten in the fall. where does the time go? where did that little two year old go? i barely remember the sound of her little voice and how i couldn't wait for her to start talking, then wondered when she'd stop. they grow so quickly before our eyes and if we aren't careful to take everything in it's gone before we know it. i wish i would've taped her little voice and journaled more.
the graduation ceremony was super cute. they had a little play, in which, the little princess was the sparkly ladybug (it was the rainbow fish story line) bob the builder wasn't able to be there so we decided to have an "after party" and invite the family over to watch the video and have dinner and dessert. it was a nice evening, we had pizza and ladybug cupcakes. i posted a picture of the cupcakes, they turned out cute. the other picture is a little gift we put together for her preschool friends.

everything turned out perfect, i even got a quilt done for her teacher. i'm sad it's over but i look forward to the future and from now on i have promised myself to document a lot more and try to stop and take the moments that matter in. goodnight.

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