Friday, June 27, 2008

The first of few...

this was the first of the few visits we'll take to the beach this summer. why you ask, because this freaks me out! i hate sand and saltwater together. seperate, it's not so bad, but put them together and it's nothing short of EWWWW! to me it is as bad a scratching a chalkboard. even still we went. me, the queen and her boyfriend, the little princess, and our friends, debbie, cory and kelsey all pack our things and headed west. it was a short trip. the tide kept rising and pushing us further back until we finally decided it was enough moving for one trip. i brought a little dome tent thing for the baby and he did real well. no sunburn, yeah! i was so worried about the kids i forgot to put it on myself and my right arm and shoulder got fried. oh well. i did realize that i need to go more than once a year because the little princess has zero beach etiquette. i think we all told her at least twice, "don't walk on the towels." poor kid it just didn't sink in. ick! sandy towels, really, is there anything worse? just kidding, i could have sandy hands being wiped with a sandy towel in my car! oh just the thought scares me. we cracked up because as all kids do, the little princess went and rinsed off her hands so she could get a snack only to come back and put her hands in the sand again. back to the shower she went and finally sat down to have a snack. funny. well it was ok. i think we'll go back again. next time i'll bring the baby powder and a bucket with a lid for water. and just so you know, i grew up going to the beach. my dad and uncle would bury us up to our head in the sand. really, i think it's their fault i can't stand the beach. but to be fair, it's really not the beach that i despise. it's the beach and kids that don't work for me. i just wanted to clear that up. take care!
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