Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Pony Bead

i thought it was a good idea when i gave our little princess a craft kit with these beads. i imagined her playing quietly, making little gifts, and having some quiet time to feed the baby. what i heard was screaming from the living room, words that were coming out at such a high volume that i couldn't understand anything as i ran to the living room almost running over my husband who, too, heard the screaming. when we got to her, she was hysterical saying, "i got it, i got it, i got it." she had put one of these lovely beads in her nose! she freaked out and finally squeezed her nose pushing it out by the time we got there. what started out as a fun little project, turned into a bloody nose and one very scared little girl. i always wondered why some children would put things in their nose. never thought i'd have one of those kids. to answer why? she said she wanted to see if it would fit. i don't think i'll ever understand the mind of a child. i asked her to NEVER do that again, she "pinky squared" she wouldn't.

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