Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

it was a good day for everyone. we spent the afternoon with family. i'm so exicted that i got a picture of the kids and bob the builder. the guys hate to have their picture taken.

it's always nice to go to nana & pa's house. bob the builder chatted with mike and jason about motorcycles and guy stuff. the queen and her boyfriend, david hung out and relaxed. it was the first time david met uncle mike. (sorry david, you just have to ignore him.) uncle mike's a character. the little princess found a new friend in auntie ineke who is visiting from texas. she couldn't get enough of her. she had a great day swimming and swinging. she'd stay forever if she could.

bub was in heaven driving his truck in the field with jason. around and around and around he went. jason was really sweet to indulge him and be the adult supervision. thanks jason!

all in all i think it was a pretty good day. i hope all the fathers in my life had a great day. dad, george, dave, tom and phil...happy father's day, i love you all.

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