Wednesday, November 14, 2012


From Masyn {in a very serious, somewhat concerned voice} 
"Mom. If you don't have a plan for the things that go crazy, your life will be out of control. You have to have a plan for the things that go crazy and then it won't be so bad."
{she's referring to the kids craziness}

From Nolan...{running into the house hollering} 
"MOM, i need your help!" Me, "What's WRONGG?" Him, "There's a LIZARD in the playhouse, I need you to get it!" Me, "NO, you get it!" Him, "NO, I'm scared!"  -   
Evyn, "I get it por you No No"....

From Evyn to Mikaela... "My dad's name is sawn" Mikaela, "Really? Whats your mom's name?" Evyn, "Honey".

They crack me up!

p.s. as i write this, nolan and masyn are arguing, nolan's crying, evyn is trying to comfort him and masyn is TOTALLY irritated that i am sharing all this on my blog!


Carol said...

I love it! Kids are so darn funny! And good for you recording the funny things they will be fun to look back on in years to come. ENJOY them!

suz said...

You are smart to keep track of these little moments - they make for wonderful memories in the future. I remember when I discovered my Mom's name wasn't "Mom" - my 2 cousins and I were all about 4 and realized what our Mom's names were. We thought we had discovered a major secret!