Thursday, November 01, 2012

A very {HAPPY} Halloween!

and lots of great memories!


this year we started a new tradition with a great group of friends
and in the words of nolan...
"it was the GREATEST halloween!"

things to remember...
"they're RICH!"{ohhh...masyn...}
"i just wanted to tell you, i like your fish." {love aiden}
new friends, young friends and long time friendships
HUGE candybars
nolan. happy. always.
sara & masyn...hand in hand
wilson was a confused feline {for all of two seconds}
a bumble bee and a {not so} dressed up exterminator :/
"bittersweet" love u kaela
GREAT "haunted" houses!
good food and GREAT cornbread! hehehe
the AWE & enthusiasm of little kids!
and last and still lingering...
"my forehead hurts" poor rose...came down with something the minute she hit the bed.

it was a fantastic halloween.
looking forward to many more just like it!

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