Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

 always seems to turn into a competion around here
grandma and i tried desperately to stop it, but to no avail...

nolan, as usual was his happy self.
showing his competitive side, he drew on a piece of paper
how he wanted his pumpkin to look.
so, with dad's help they carved the pumpkin.
he told me later that night, that dad didn't make it the way he wanted it.
hahaha. poor guy, next time i'll help him :)
shawn, of course, disagreed with nolan's statement. of course ;)

well. let's see. first she HATES the pumpkin guts and refused to gut her pumpkin.
i almost let it stop there but didn't want the night to go south that fast.
so i cleaned out her pumpkin and started a very small pumpkin gut fight.
{she deserved it}
then...she wanted to carve a sophisticated pumpkin that was waayyy to hard for her.
she got mad and searched the internet for what seemed like forever unitl she found a casper pattern.
long story short.
it was still too hard. she refused help. shawn offered a dozen times. she coninued to decline his help. and in the end they worked together to keep it from falling apart.
can we say STUBBORN!

grandma & rose were by far the easiest going group!
thank goodness!!!
with smiling faces they grandma carved the pumpkin.

this was mikaela's first time EVER carving pumpkins!!!
LOVED that!
she was super focused and gavin was annoying concerned.
he just didn't want her to stab herself.
her's was a lady with eyelashes and his was spoooky!

pumpkin carving! it's all good...

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