Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember...

Breezy Point, NY 9/11/ Memorial by yellowecho
My Twin Buildings
Written by {a then} 12 year old Chelsie Isa

I put the buildings up. It was a beautiful site.
They were shining in the radiant sun.
They looked so brilliant in the day and at night
that I knew my work was done.

I woke every morning seeing the tall buildings right in front of my eyes.
They were so tall and beautiful they looked as if they rose to the skies.
But one morning it was not the same, I didn't feel the joy.
I felt, right then, that something was wrong.
I didn't expect the towers to be destroyed.

An appalling crash and a screeching yell told me what had happened
My towers were about to go down and I dropped on my knees and cried
I sat in my room and thought how this could be
but none of the reasons could I comprehend
So many people were gone, so many died.

My wonderful towers, they were destroyed and many lives were lost
I had no idea who committed this crime, but who ever it was would pay the cost
People might say they are very saddened by this tragic event, but I know in my heart I am the saddest of all
for this moment is stuck in my head like the first hardened cement wall.

I will never forget that day.
It is imbedded in my mind.
Fow now I am getting ready to put up another tower and I know that this time
it will be perfect and more brilliant than ever before
And there will be no more terrorist attacks knocking at its door.
by Chelsie Isa

my mother in law brought this over this morning. i had forgot about it and decided to share it.
i, too, remember that morning like it was just last week.

we will never forget and will continue to keep the families of those who lost their lives in our thoughts and prayers.

With love,
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Charmaine said...

What a beautiful poem your daughter wrote. Thank you for sharing it today.

Charmaine said...

What a beautiful poem your daughter wrote. Thank you for sharing it today.