Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

i can upload pictures from picasa again!!!
and the summer fun is coming to an end, hopefully the heat will too!

with summer vacation coming to a close and school starting,
we attempted to get a few more things crossed off our list of
{fun things to do}

i {THOUGHT} playing in the sprinklers would be a fun outdoor activity

masyn was a {PILL} and rose wanted NOTHING
to do with cold water hitting her hot body!
nolan {as usual} was happy either way.
no matter the outcome, they did it and i crossed it off our list.

after that activity was a bust i had to find something to cure the summer blues...
so we invited a friend over and had a backwards day.

we had dinner for breakfast, we wore our clothes backwards {yes, even i did}
we {including gavin & mikaela} went to ihop for dinner and i did explain to the hostess, who i knew, that we were celebrating backwards day. i had to explain why my earrings and necklace were backwards.

after dinner, we went and fed the ducks...and the big, scary geese that came running after us!

can you see the top left picture...the clothes are backwards.

that night the kids watched a movie and slept backwards in their beds!

it was a successful backwards kind of day!

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Jo and Hannah said...

Your 'backwards day' sounds like great fun! It's strange to hear of your frustration over the heat as here in Australia we are sick to death of our cold and dreary weather and cant wait for some sunshine and warmth!

quiltsbycheri said...

love it :)