Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm in love

with this blog! Jill is one talented gal.
from her cooking to her crafts she has got a lot of
fantastic things to share on her blog!
REALLY. GO there.
recently we have had a run-in with lice. EWWW. i said it. yes. lice. and while searching the internet about ways to get rid of the little buggers i stumbled across her blog.
she shared a recipe and tutorial on how to make your own coconut shampoo.
(which by the way has MANY benefits other than the fact that the lice don't like it)

this morning on facebook brown paper packages shared a very tempting, must make recipe for chilled apple cider that i will be making for my quilt class
(i will share those details later).

To make a LONG story SHORT.
i headed on over to print out the recipe and found THIS!

a really stinkin cute DIY jewelry holder with an old QUILT for the back! STOP it! i LOVE it!
i WILL be making this one!!!

you can click here for the complete how to and step by step instructions!

so anyways. go on over to this blog. you can thank me later!
love ya!

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