Sunday, September 09, 2012

Happy BIRTHDAY Puter!!!

i CAN NOT believe i have a {twenty THREE} year old!!!
but i am SO GRATEFUL that i do!!!

you know what i LOVE love LOVE about you???

i'll share a few things...
your HYSTERICAL personality! {you really are pretty funny}
your DOG! {hehe}
your dedication to HARD work and the willingness you have to do it!
{ryan may or may not agree ;)}
i LOVE that we share pinterest!
{um and can i just say that your taste in fashion is RIGHT up my alley!}
your beautiful, contagious smile!
i LOVE your independence and the MATURITY that you have shown in handling it!
your {sometimes} OUTspoken way of handling things that reminds me, all too often,
"the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree" :/
your ANTARTICA"ness"
the love you have for your family
{even when it's sometimes difficult to like them}
that you still sometimes "need" your mom
and even more that you talk to me pretty much on a DAILY basis! thank you!
the way you do that stupid thing with your hands and face to get out of TROUBLE
{even now! i'm laughing at the thought and i know you are too!}
i LOVE your can do attitude
and that you can fix a car!!!

chels. i LOVE you a TON! i'm super PROUD of you and where you are in your life. you've accomplished much because of your attitude, your willingness to learn, your hard work and most importanly...not giving up, even when it was REALLY hard and it would have been SO EASY to come home. you stayed with it, you worked through it and you are AWESOME!

this year is gonna be GREAT! i know it!

i hope you have a fantastic birthday
{even though it's on a sunday and i can't send you cupcakes!}

smile, laugh, and enjoy all that you've accomplished!
we love you!!!

here's a little year in review to make you smile!

papa, two cute pooches!, brotherly love, a little sass! fireworks

a little more sass, antartica!!!, christmas wishes, "friends", family

more family and great cousins, cute nolan & that darn stick!, your wanna be twin!

and we will never forget our trip to see you,
and your trips to see us!

your beautiful, inside and out, and we all wish you the very best that
{TWENTY-THREE} has in store for you!

love you so very much!
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