Thursday, March 01, 2012


i know. i know. i live in southern california and it's 65 degrees.
but, come on, my kids should be allowed a snow day too don't ya think!
besides, it was leap day, so it really was a free day. right!?
anyways, on the spur of the moment, yesterday, {which isn't much like me} i gathered all the mittens i could find, extra socks and the jackets grandma got the kids for christmas {thanks mom!}, grabbed the kids, pulled masyn out of school and headed to julian.
masyn has been begging me to take them to the snow. the only time she had gone was when she was little and she can't remember it. gavin hasn't been since then either and mikaela had never been to julian. so off we went.
now. before i go further i must say that both mikaela and i told gavin multiple times to get warmer clothes on. he doesn't listen...
in true max & ruby fashion, the first thing on the list was to make snow angles!!!

we found a park and the kids {all the kids} had fun playing on everything!
except, evyn very much disliked swinging in her own swing! you can't tell, but she's screaming and crying in the picture below...
sliding down the hill was fun and i'm pretty sure gavin was wishing he had listened to mikaela and i!!!

making snowballs was a must!

throwing them was even better!
snowball fights are now nolan's favorite thing!
except when bub throws them in your face! darn bub!
thank goodness for mikaela. she made nolan feel better! nolan says, "she LOVES me!"
masyn absolutely LOVED it. she would live there if she could. to be honest...i would too...

we topped the trip off with a stop at the julian pie co and headed home.

it was a great {snow} day!

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