Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday NOLAN!!!

you are {FOUR} and totally charmin!!!
especially wearing the hat daddy made you!

you requested a lightning mcqueen party

it was a small family gathering and you were, as always, as happy as could be!

you are such a wonderful blessing to everyone who knows you.
you have a personality bigger than moon
and you can make anyone smile
you are always a happy camper and just an easy going kid

you make my heart so very happy
and my cup runs over with joy just listening to you and the excitement you have for nearly everything.

at the age of {four}
love everything
(dad & i honestly can't pick one thing you LOVE, because you LOVE everything)
rocky road ice cream is your favorite
you really like school but you aren't too crazy about the boys in your class
the girls LOVE you and one of them {kaila} tries to kiss you and you think that is soooo funny
you are tough and sensitive all at the same time
you are awesome at sports
you want daddy to take the training wheels off your dirtbike!
your favorite color is green
mike the knight is your favorite cartoon
cars is your favorite movie
we all LOVE max and ruby, but max is your favorite
you sleep in your bed but would rather not
you are a FANTASTIC brother
you are such a good helper
you are a sunbeam and so good in class
you are kind, super funny, enthusiastic, loving, and just plain AWESOME!

we ALL love you a TON!!!
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Marie said...

It's hard to believe that he is four! He is so grown up now. I have always thought he was the sweetest little, now BIG boy! Happy Birthday Nolan!

Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Nolan, You always make my heart sing!! I love you bunches.

Darlene said...

Happy Birthday Mr Nolan!