Monday, March 26, 2012

March Midnight Madness

this month's midnight madness class was, as usual, fun.
i REALLY enjoy the ladies and all the conversations had in the 8 hours we are together. amazingly, we make it to midnight without trouble.
good times and GREAT ladies!!!
here's this month's summary.
{the goodies...}
i finally made laundry detergent, and gave each of the gals a jar. it has been a running joke with a few of the gals and i just had to do it. mostly for denise's hubby, robert!
i got the recipe from how does she.
and the yummy stuff is always fun. recently i had a friends homemade buttermilk brownies. YUM. i loved them so much, i searched for a recipe and found one here. delicious!
the cupcakes were coconut cream and it's a recipe i got from a friend. i have no idea to make a link to it, so it you want it, email me or leave me a comment. super good, even shawn commented on them!
for dinner mardy made fantastic homemade bread to go with a chicken veggie soup that i got from my mom. and let's not leave out the ever popular salad that michelle gets from panera.
we were all stuffed!
{the gals...}
love them all! such a great group
{and...the quilts!}
SEW blessed!
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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, all the food sounds wonderful! {And you know we want the recipe please!} I would love to do that once a month and I think we could pull it off, but one of our friends lives 2 hours away. So sad!

Carol said...

What fun! What fun! Julie can you tell me the name of the pattern in your last mosaic with the houses and trees...I love it!