Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Holiday Home...

here's the family room
i only took these two photos, not sure why.
the quilt on the right is an unfinished version of cheri's crimson and clover.
the crow weathervane was made by my dear friend margi {hi margi, love ya!}

the kitchen is the hardest for me to decorate.
i love all the kitchens with candy themes, i think i'm going to have to do that next year.

my good friend patti made me that stinkin cute jar with the wool wrap. {LOvE} it & her! needless to say the cookies were gone in no time and i need to make more!

the rest are pictures from here and there in the kitchen and on my desk area where i keep my featherweight.

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mary said...

First time on your blog and I love it. Stayed up way to late reading and enjoying. Will be back soon. Have a blessed holiday.

Marie said...

Am loving it all so far Julie! You have such cute decorations and do such a wonderful job of presenting them! xxoo

mom said...

The house is beautiful, I've been thinkin I'd like to move in and just sit and sew and enjoy the beauty around me.