Friday, December 23, 2011

Just a Couple Quick {Funnies}

i left you all hanging with the holiday home tour...
sorry...i'm going to catch everybody up on what's been going on around here
{LOTS & LotS} of Christmas parties, cookies, cleaning, cookies, and, did i mention, cleaning!

& speaking of cleaning...
i asked nolan to clean up the kitchen table. several minutes went by and an enthusiastic little guy hollers "mom, i'm done. it's all cleaned up!"
i glanced over to see a very clean table and i was shocked.
until i noticed that every last item that was on the kitchen table had now been put on the railing behind the table! i laughed. i couldn't help it.
but nolan, being nolan, say's (as i'm taking the picture) "but i cleaned the table".
yep. you sure did buddy!

ok. now onto the other funny thing.

as i was making the beds i noticed a very lovely roll of toilet paper strung from the lights on the kids schoolhouse. i thought how funny, shawn must have strung the toilet paper for masyn who has been suffering from a runny nose. i was sure it was shawn because it was really hung well. as well as a toilet paper roll can be, i guess. it was securely fastened and not going anywhere.

when he came home, i was starting to harass him about it and it's very classy look, when he told me he hadn't done it. masyn did. she heard me and piped in..."i did it mom, sorry...but my nose was really runny."

she's just like her dad!
very clever!
(and speaking of clever wait to you see shawn's icing flooder 3000)

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